Take a Chance with Freespins at Rivers Casino

Rivers Casino offers a variety of ways to get free spins by signing up for a card that will reward you with free spins as you accumulate points to slot machines that if you hit the right combination will give you free spins. What could be better than winning money on free spins instead of on your own money?

The Rivers Casino offers close to 3,000 slot machines with the most popular being the Sex and the City: Big Diamond slots and The Great and Powerful Oz slots.

Of course, Sex and the City: Big Diamonds slots is based on the television show Sex and the City. The most important symbol on the slot machine is Mr. Big. When he shows up, the player will receive random wilds. The other ladies in the show when they appear also provide other types of bonuses. Charlotte gives out Glamorous gifts, Carrie the Right to Shoes, Samantha is Glimmer Ring, and Miranda is Retail Therapy. The good news is that you can win multipliers, cash, and of course free spins.

The Great and Powerful Oz slots are what is known as a bonus slot machine that does offer a few hints from the movie. Bonus features are everywhere. If you land on Glinda the Good Witch you will receive such things as free spins, multipliers, or wild reels. Then there is the Great and Powerful Oz which will give you 7 free spins and with every spin, you will receive a special feature to that one round.

These are only two examples of the ways you can win free spins. Many of the slot machines at Rivers Casino offers ways to receive free spins so you can just sit back and watch the winnings add up higher and higher. Try your hand and see just how much you can win with the free spins at Rivers Casino.

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