Huge Jackpot Winners at Rivers Casino

Often, people do not believe that there are big jackpots to be won at casinos. However, this is not true, especially when talking about Rivers Casino.

The slot machines at Rivers Casino are connected to other slots machines of that kind so every time a player adds money to the machine to play, the jackpot goes up. At some point, one lucky player is going to hit the winning symbols (if they play the maximum bet) and will win a huge amount of money.

There are two Rivers Casinos and both have seen huge jackpot winners. One of the casinos is in Des Moines and the other in Pittsburgh.

Of course, everyone that puts money in a slot machine is not going to come out with a huge jackpot, however, if you walk away with more than you put in, then you are truly a winner.

Recent Jackpot Winners

Timothy A. won $4,001,65

Deborah W. won $7,918.53

Christina B won a huge jackpot of $114,875.06

Gregory S. playing on a 1 cent Blazing 7's slot machine won $8,000

Anthony F. playing on a $1 Quick Hit Platinum won $77,648

Even more recently, some of the largest jackpots ever won were won at Rivers Casino such as one player that would like to remain anonymous who won $183,000 on a $1 Quick Hit Platinum slot machine, which is very similar to a Las Vegas type of slot machine, with five columns and three lines.

The latest winner of the largest jackpot seen at Rivers Casino did not bet on a slot machine but on a Texas Hold'em game. In February of 2015, one player walked away with$ 304,963.20 which is the largest jackpot seen in history at the Rivers Casino. Other players at the table won, $121,987.20, $91,488 and the other six received $15,248.

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